Sociology | Work & Occupations
S315 | 4106 | Martin

Course Description.  For most adults time spent at work is rivaled
only by sleep as a daily activity. In fact, our work is arguably the
most important way in which the organization of society impacts our
daily lives.  For example, many of the most important satisfactions
and difficulties than adults experience are directly connected to
their working environments.  In this class we will examine the
various strategies employed by sociologists to study the nature,
function and significance of work as an occupationally organized

Organization.  The basic structure of the course involves the
examination of five inter-related issues: 1) the distinction between
work & occupation; 2) historical and contemporary changes in the
nature of the work activity and the composition of the U.S. labor
force; 3) attitudinal and behavioral impacts of work on individuals
and their families; 4) the major varieties of work (i.e.,
professional work, white collar work, semi-skilled work, etc.); and
5) the relationship of individual ascribed & achieved statuses to
work experiences and occupational attainment.