Sociology | Race and Ethnic Relations
S335 | 4122 | McConnell


Our society is stratified by race and ethnicity.  This course
explores political, economic, and historical contexts that have
shaped the current construction of race and ethnicity in the US,
especially regarding Latinos/as.  How have members of the dominant
group exerted power over racial and ethnic minorities?  How have
minority groups responded, both historically and today?  In addition,
we will identify the factors that continue to differentiate
individuals by physical features and lead to diverse economic,
political, educational, and social outcomes.  Finally, given that non-
Hispanic Whites will have become the numeric minority in the United
States by the end of this century, we’ll explore potential shifts in
the racial and ethnic structure that may occur.  Course activities
include readings, videos, discussions, short writing assignments, and
in-class midterm and final exams.