Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 4124 | Berkowitz


In this class, we will explore how and why society prescribes
different gender roles to females and males.  In turn, we will
discuss how those gender roles affect the expectations, experiences,
and opportunities of men and women in society.  Our examination of
gender roles will involve discussions of the meaning of sex and
gender, different theoretical positions concerning gender, and how
individuals are socialized into gender roles.  We will also consider
how expectations of gender influence the many other roles we play in
our family, at school, and at work and explore the ways that social
institutions such as religion, the media, politics and the law help
shape gender roles.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an in-depth
understanding of the personal and institutional role of gender in our
daily lives.  The material presented in lecture and readings will be
selected from a variety of perspectives and will attempt to include
an equal emphasis on female and male gender roles.