Sociology | The Sociology of Childhood
S344 | 4129 | Hadley

All of us were kids once; therefore, it’s easy to think that we
understand what it means to be a kid in preschool or middle school or
even high school. Studying children from a sociological perspective,
however, means that we have to look our own experiences and figure
out how they fit into a larger social, cultural, and historical
context. In this course, we will read about kids of many ages who
come from a range of racial and class backgrounds in order to see how
children who live in different places and in different social
positions experience life. Some questions we will explore in this
course include:
How do kids in preschool make friends? How does a racial identity
impact elementary school age boys? How do kids in middle school talk
to each other? Finally, we’ll talk about some social problems that
children face and some adults’ ideas that kids themselves are “social