Sociology | Topical Seminar
S700 | 4162 | Brooks

Topic:  Seminar in Political and Economic Sociology

This is a seminar for students working on a research project in
political and/or economic sociology, broadly conceived. Suitable
topics could thus include (and are not restricted to) research on
welfare states, stratification, family processes, electoral
politics/public opinion, cultural diffusion/communication,
race/class/gender processes, constitutive identity formation and
aging/period/cohort processes, social movements, religion,
institutional isomorphism, and globalization.

Our goals are practical: You are expected to have in mind a project
in this area that can be completed over the course of the semester,
and resulting in a paper suitable for submission to a professional
journal or meeting (and leading to skills acquired from developing
the latter). To this end, we will spend much of our time considering
our own work as well as some sociological exemplars (journal articles
and a couple book chapters), discussing strategies for framing
topics, designing tractable research, developing a persuasive
argument, writing everything up, and leaving room for further work
that builds from the foundation you set in place.

By virtue of our practical focus, this course is intended for those
with work-in-progress or initial topics/questions for which suitable
data/literatures are in hand. Because writing styles and publishing
procedures vary widely across disciplines, this seminar is intended
primarily for sociologists and scholars intending to submit their
work to sociology journals/professional meetings.