Theatre and Drama | Fundamentals of Acting
T120 | 4599-4615 | McGibbon

This course offers:
	*an introduction to basic physical, vocal, and imaginative
skills for the beginning actor
	*a constant demonstration of the cooperative process of acting
	*an introduction to evaluating effective acting choices by
attendance at IU Theatre productions
	*learning to play an action.

TEXTS:  Robert Cohen: Acting One
	David Mamet:  Goldberg Street
	Book of Acting Scenes - TBA
	Supplemental reading


PAPERS: two Actor Response papers based on viewing of IU Theatre
EXAMS: Mid-term and Final Scene and Analysis
OTHER: Preparation and presentation of two major scenes: one from
Goldberg Street and the other from a contemporary American play.
These require rehearsal outside of class.

Regular attendance, punctuality, and active participation are vitally
important for success in this course.