Theatre and Drama | Stagecraft I
T225 | 4626 | Bovard

Theatre is in many ways the "most ensemble of arts."  In virtually no
other form of artistic expression is it necessary to obtain the
absolute collaboration of so many persons having such diverse
backgrounds.  Thus, a primary goal of Stagecraft I is to facilitate
communication among theatre practitioners by making this a primary
focus of the course.  At its simplest this is apparent in the
emphasis on the terminology of theatre, but is also evidenced by the
inclusion of a significant introduction to technical drawing since
for many purposes in theatrical production this form of communication
is indispensable.

At a more fundamental level, this course attempts to create
understanding among those working in theatre, of the contribution of
the scenic investiture to the production as a whole. Particular
emphasis is placed on the special problems routinely faced by scenic
designers and technicians and the typical solutions utilized to solve
these problems.  Along the way the student should obtain a basic
working knowledge of the methods of stagecraft and the rationale of
these techniques.

TEXT:  Parker and Wolf.  Scene Design and Stage Lighting, 7th ed.
Problem Packet.

MATERIALS:  A set of basic drafting equipment, a tape measure, and a
pair of safety glasses or goggles are also required.

ASSIGNMENTS: (1) Construction project; (3) Drafting problems.
EXAMS: (1) Mid Term; (1) Final
LABS: "Construction", "Run Crew"