Theatre and Drama | Stage Costuming I
T230 | 4628 | Stanton

Fundamentals of Stage Costuming, is structured to introduce the
student to the process of stage costuming.  Students will participate
in this process through practical assignments in play analysis,
costume research, costume design, construction and crafts, as well as
production crew work.

Course Goals:

To develop an understanding and appreciation of the art, crafts and
discipline of stage costuming.
To gain proficiency in the skills and crafts of stage costuming.
To engage and learn to understand the theatre production process.

TEXTS:  None.  Written materials will be provided in handouts.

ASSIGNMENTS: Five (5) projects/papers: 1) script analysis for a
costume design; 2) character analysis; 3) research relating to
historic era of the play and its characters; 4) design costumes for
characters, based on script, character, and research analysis; 5)
fabric identification for costumes in project 4.

EXAMS: 2 examinations, including one midterm and one final
examination.  Exams will contain questions that are objective as well
as subjective, and require problem-solving.

OTHER: Costume Laboratory requirement of 42(minimum)hours, and
Costume Wardrobe Crew requirement.

NOTE:  It should be realized that this course requires a significant
time commitment, including serving on a wardrobe crew for one
Department of Theatre and Drama production.  Wardrobe crew hours
happen during the evenings and weekends.  This course should not be
taken during a semester in which the student has other major, un-
reschedulable commitments during the evening hours.