Theatre and Drama | Stage Lighting
T335 | 4634 | Shakespeare

MW 8:40-9:55am in THTR A009
F 9:05-9:55 in THTR A205

Prerequisites: Recommended - THTR T225, T100

Stage lighting design uniquely merges the dramatic orchestration of a
production with the technology of illumination and visual
perception.  This course is structured to introduce the student to
the aesthetic contributions of dramatic stage lighting and to a
systematic approach to the steps involved in producing a lighting
design.  Script analysis, concept development, effects plotting,
conventions of stage lighting, properties of light and visual
perception, basic lighting technology, drafting of plans,
organizational paperwork, and aspects of producing the design are
taught in the course.  The labs, assignments and practicum are
designed to provide a progressive and challenging exploration of
theatrical lighting fundamentals and skills.  The final project
provides an opportunity to practice, on paper, the development of a
complete lighting design.