Theatre and Drama | Directing I
T340 | 4635 | McFadden

The course is a practical exploration of the directing process from
the choice of a ten minute play through the rehearsal process
followed by a public presentation of the play. The basic elements of
actor communication, staging the play, visualization, and telling a
story in theatrical terms are covered in the class.  There are three
staging assignments in addition to the rehearsal and presentation of
the ten minute play.  Supplemental readings on directing practice are
also part of the course.  The prerequisite for the course is T120,
Acting One.  The course is taught in the Directing Studio in the new
Theatre and Drama building.

TEXTS:    TELLING TALES, edited by Eric Lane
TAKE TEN – NEW TEN MINUTE PLAYS – edited by Eric Lane and
Nina Shengold

REQUIREMENTS:     1.  Three in-class staging assignments.
2. Casting, Rehearsal, and Presentation of a Ten Minute Play.
3.  Midterm Exam.
4.  Submission of a Director’s Book – A series of interpretive
questions answered by each director.