Theatre and Drama | DIRECTING II: Script Analysis
T442 | 4646 | McGibbon

Prerequieistes:  THTR T340
May be taken for graduate credit.

A further development of directing methods emphasizing approaches to
play selection, rehearsal methods, and presentation of a final
theatrical presentation.  Effort is also made to help each student
nurture his/her own sense of theatre by encouraging the student to
work on material that interests and excites the student.

TEXTS:  The Empty Space.  Peter Brook and readings in Directing One
Course Packet for students who took sections of T340 other than mine.
A Sense of Direction.  William Ball
In Contact with the Gods?  Maria M. Delgado and Pul Heritage
MacBeth, Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You
Like It

PAPERS:  3 self-evaluation responses (3-5 pages each)
EXAM:  Written Final exam
SCENES:  3 scenes will be repesented requiring additional rehearsal
outside of class.  Numerous rehearsal outside of class are required.