Theatre and Drama | Non-Western Theatre and Drama
T468 | 4649 | Solomon

Topic: Drama, Theatre, and Dance in India

Fullfills AHLA and CSA requirements.
Fulfills COAS W333.
May be taken for graduate credit.

This course will provide an overview of the great diversity of drama,
dance, and theatre forms of India. We will explore classical Sanskrit
plays, temple dances, shaman and ritual performances, folk theatre,
anti-colonial political drama, and modern intercultural theatre.

The course will also serve as an introduction to Indian culture and
society, as seen through its major performing arts.  Videos, films,
music, slides, guest lectures, and demonstrations will convey a sense
of experiencing these performances in their original settings.

No prerequisites.

All readings will be in English.
Richmond, Performance in India; Reader (five plays).
EXAMS and ASSIGNMENTS: Midterm, Final, and 2-3 short papers.