West European Studies | Intensive Dutch I
N100 | 2790 | Ham

N100	Intensive Dutch I (4 cr.)				
Prerequisite: This course presupposes no prior knowledge of Dutch. It
is possible to attend N100 as a first foreign language course. We
move fairly rapidly through elementary grammar and pronunciation, and
concentrate on conversation and reading from the beginning. Audio-
recordings and video material will be used on a regular basis in
order to improve listening comprehension and pronunciation skills.
Students are encouraged to bring up their own topics of interest to
be covered in class. The goals to be reached by the end of the first
semester of Dutch are good pronunciation, elementary grammar, a
reasonable conversational fluency, and an ability to read not too
complicated texts. Grading will entail: weekly quizzes, a midterm, a
presentation on a Dutch subject (in English), an oral examination, a
portfolio and a final. Class participation is a requirement for
successful completion of the course, therefore it also covers a solid
part of the grade.

Texts:	Ham, et al., Help! 1, Kunt u mij helpen?
	Ham, et al., Help! 1, Kunt u mij helpen, English supplement
	A Dutch-English and English-Dutch dictionary (Kramer) or any
other 2-volume dictionaries