Afro-American Studies | Afro American Dance Company
A100 | 0290 | Iris Rosa

The Afro American Dance Company has an emphasis on ethnic and jazz
traditions, although other genres are regularly performed.

The objectives of the course are:

1.  To provide instruction for non-technically and technically
trained dancers who want to refine and use their talents.

2.  To develop an understanding and appreciation of the cultural
importance of Black Dance throughout the Diaspora through
participation and performance.

3.  To bring live dance performances confined in institutions such
as schools, prisons or hospitals.

4.  To provide entertainment for students and non-student
organizations on the IU campus.

5.  To perform and entertain on other university campuses.

Repertoire varies from semester to semester. Previous dance training
desirable but not essential.

Interested students must audition on Tuesday, September 2, 2003, 7pm
at Neal Marshall Black Culture Center, A217

Contact Prof. Rosa at or (812) 855-6853 for more