Afro-American Studies | The Cinema of Africana Women
A430 | 0332 | Audrey McCluskey

This course will focus on the filmic productions of women of the
African Diaspora, and their representations in popular media. Using
both historical and contemporary settings, we will examine the race-
gender dyad in film history, theory, and aesthetics as it relates to
black women.  Issues of class, race, and sexuality will be explored
as we re-visit the trajectory of the black female presence in film,
and the body of work by black women film makers.  We will raise the
question of the existence and composition of a ‘black female
aesthetic in film,’ as we read works from varied texts in  black
cultural studies, history, and criticism.

Class periods will be segmented into screening and discussion
sessions. (Some out of class viewing is possible.) Requirements
include a mid term essay exam, several one page critiques, and a
final paper/project.