B600 | 0416 | Hunt

In Chimpanzee Behavior we will begin with 2 weeks of lecture on chimpanzee
behavior in which we will examine the social structure of chimpanzees,
including personal relationships between chimpanzees, patterns of
aggression, dominance relationships, and societal structure.  There will
be an exam on this material.  Two meetings will be spent discussing two
classic descriptions of chimpanzee behavior by Jane Goodall, In The Shadow
of Man and Through a Window.  The remainder of the semester will devoted
to reading scientific literature produced by Goodall herself and by her
colleagues.  Among the issues we will cover are feeding behavior, sexual
behavior, communication, language studies, association patterns, grooming
relationships, mother-infant interactions, reproduction, locomotion and
posture, hunting, tool use and ranging behavior.  A term paper will be
required.  Grades will be assigned based weighted equally on discussion
attendance/participation, the exam, and the term paper.