E240 | 0420 | Thomas

This seminar will examine the beliefs and rituals of several of the Indian
peoples of the American Southwest.  Concentration will concern the various
Apaches tribal groups, the Navajo (Dine), and the Pueblo peoples, in
Arizona and New Mexico.

After setting the historical and ethnographic context, we will look at
beliefs and rituals focusing on origins, sacred places, healings,
dance performances, the natural environment, life passages as well as
other topics.  In addition, to the listed text (below), the students will
read from various journals, newspaper articles and view video and films in
class.  Individual Native people from the American southwest will be
utilize to give in-class lectures and provide demonstration on various
trades: pottery, weaving, storytelling and so forth.

1.  Native Peoples of the Southwest. University of New Mexico Press.
Judy Griffin-Pierce (author).
2.  Another to be added at a later date.

1.  Hands-on American Indian art project,
2.  Class attendance & participation,
3.  Each student will serve as a lead discussant,
4.  Mid-term and final exam.