P360 | 0445 | Munson

The regional scope of the course will be the entire North American
continent north of the U.S.-Mexico border (i.e. the "Lower 48," Canada,
and Alaska), and the primary content will be a survey of the cultural
history of this region from the earliest known inhabitants (Paleo-Indians)
up to the early periods of European contact.  The first half of the course
will concentrate on the initial peopling of North America, from a
continent-wide perspective, the later cultural patterns of the Far North,
the Far West, and the Great Plains, and the pre-agricultural periods of
the Southwestern U.S.  The second half will emphasize the prehistoric
agricultural societies of the Southwest and the post-Paleo-Indian patterns
of the eastern half of North America.

Textbook: Fagan, B. M., Ancient North America

Course Requirements:
Mid-term exam
Undergraduates    50%      Graduates    33%

Final exam
Undergraduates    50%      Graduates    33%

Paper (optional for undergrads)
Undergraduates   ---       Graduates    33%