P600 | 0450 | Pickering

Old World Zooarchaeology

Required Texts: Hillson, S. (1992). Mammal Bones and Teeth: An
Introductory Guide to Methods of
Lyman, R.L. (1994). Vertebrate Taphonomy.

Recommended Text: White, T.D. (2000). Human Osteology: Second Edition.

Course Description: This course is designed to provide basic instruction
in the identification of large mammal remains commonly recovered from Old
World archaeological sites.  In addition, a taphonomic approach to
zooarchaeology is stressed, with an emphasis on understanding and
interpreting the formation of archaeological faunal assemblages.

Course Goals and Objectives: The lab section of this course is intended to
provide instruction in the hands-on identification and interpretation of
large mammal bones commonly found in Old World archaeological sites.

The discussion section of this course is intended to examine approaches to
using bone data to construct and investigate archaeological questions.