Biology | Mechanisms of Plant Development
B373 | 0641-0642 | Hangarter, R

Course format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR, JH A107. Lab: 9:00A-12:00P,
F, JH A402.

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Requirements:  P: Biol L111, L211.

Course description: The lecture will introduce physiological and
molecular mechanisms that control plant growth and development. The
course will emphasize the mechanism by which light, gravity,
temperature and other environmental factors affect plant growth. The
role of hormones and other endogenous signals will also be discussed.
In the lab, we will test hypotheses discussed in lectures and explore
plant growth processes in more detail.

Required text: “Physiology”, Taiz and Zeiger, third edition.

Weekly assignments: Reading from textbook and written lab reports.

Exams/papers: Two midterm exams and a comprehensive final. Exam will
consist of short answer questions. There will also be several quizzes
and weekly written lab reports.