Biology | Evolution
L318 | 0626 | Nelson, C

Course Format: Lecture 11:15A-12:30P, TR, MY 130.

Prerequisites: Biol L211, L311. Corequisite – Biol L390.

Course Description: Provides a rigorous exploration of the theory of
evolution-the conceptual core of biology.  Topics include origins and
history of life; the interplay of heredity and environment in shaping
adaptation; molecular, behavioral, and social evolution; patterns of
speciation, extinction, and their consequences; methods for inferring
evolutionary relationships among organisms.

Required Text: “Evolutionary Anaylsis”, by Freeman and Herron. Third
edition (new edition will be available July 2003). “The Book of Life”,
by Gould. Second edition.

Weekly Assignments: TBA

Exams/Papers: TBA