Biology | Biology of Birds
L376 | 0645 | Tba

Course Format: Two (75) minute lectures plus a four-hour lab that
meets on Fridays.  Some labs will be in the form of field trips
starting at 7:00A.

Prerequisites:  P: Biol L111, L112.

Course Description: L376, Biology of Birds is a 4-credit lecture/lab
course intended for biology majors who are seriously interested in
birds.  The course will provide a general overview of avian
systematics, distribution, evolution, ecology, and behavior.  Special
topics will include study of migration and orientation,
territoriality, communication, and reproductive behavior. Field trips
will concentrate on identification of local birds by sight and sound
and on how to interpret bird behavior. Some field time will be spent
teaching research methods used in field studies. Labs will focus on
physiology, anatomy, vocal behavior, taxonomy, and topography (feather
structure, plumages and molts).

Required Text: TBA

Weekly Assignments: TBA

Exams/Papers: TBA