Biology | Bioinfo Molec Biol and Genetics
L529 | 0667-0668 | Kim, S

Course Format: Lecture: 2:30P-4:20P, M, JH 248. Lab: 9:30A-10:45A, W,

Prerequisites: Open to graduates only.

Course Description: The goal of L529 is to teach issues in the design
and implementation of bioinformatics tools and systems. The student
will pursue a term project that either explores a new computational
tool or develops an information system for large scale biological data

Required Text: “Biological Sequence Analysis” by Durbin, Eddy, Drough
and Mitchinson. ISBN# 0-521-62971-3. “Mastering Algorithm with Perl
Orwant, Hietaniemi, and MacDonald”. ISBN# 0-56592-398-7.

Exams/papers: Two exams and a term project (paper).