Biology | Medical Microbiology Laboratory
M445 | 0654 | Mower, R

Course format: Lab: 8:00A-11:00A (flexible hours 9A-12:00P), MW, JH 451.

Requirements:  P: Biol M315 and M440 which may be taken concurrently.
Open to majors only. M200 and M215 may be substituted by permission
of instructor. Research laboratory experience may also substitute.
Recommended: M445 parallels M440 and creates a live learning
experience that compliments M440.

Course description: An intensive course on the culture and
identification of the pathogenic bacteria of humans.

Required text: Howard et al. "Clinical and Pathogenic Microbiology".
Second edition.

Weekly assignments: Take care of cultures, two unknowns during course.
Lab meets twice a week only. Three other hours to be decided by student.

Exams/papers: Seven quizzes; two lab practicals; two sets of unknowns.