Biology | Molecular Biology, Honors
S211 | 0613 | Bender, A

Course Format:  9:05A-9:55A, MWF, JHA106 plus three-four hours of lab
per week.

Prerequisite:  L112.  Recommended - Chem C341 concurrently.

Course Description: The main topics will be proteins and nucleic
acids.  We will try to deal with these topics in contexts that are
meaningful to most students in the class.  For example, we may chose
to approach the study of proteins and nucleic acids mainly from the
point of view of learning about techniques that can be used to learn
about proteins and nucleic acids in the contexts of immunology and/or
cancer and/or evolution.

A major objective of the course will be to improve your abilities to
do the following, overlapping activities, with respect to molecular
aspects of biology: generate, analyze, and explain points of
confusion; recognize, frame, and deal with points of ambiguity,
uncertainty, and complexity; be self-directed in your learning; and
better identify and explore your interests.

The main activities outside of class will be writing and reading; the
main activity in class will be small-group discussion.

If you work conscientiously/mindfully on the homework assignments for
9 hours per week (on average), and if you work hard to promote
thoughtful small-group discussions, then I think that you deserve to
get an A for the course.

Required text:  The Molecular Biology of the Cell, by Alberts et al.

Weekly or daily assignments:  Between each class meeting, you will
usually do some sort of writing assignment, in which you explain and
analyze your current understandings and genuine points of confusion.

Exams/Papers:  There will be no exams or major papers.  We may want to
combine some of the smaller writing assignments into longer ones, though.