Biology | Endrocrinology
Z466 | 0655 | Demas, G

Course Format: Lecture: 1:25P-2:15P, MWF, JH A106.

Prerequisites:  Biol L211 or the equivalent.

Course Description: Z466 is a mammalian endocrinology course with much
information about the human being.  Coverage of the endocrine glands
includes the following:

a)  Biosynthesis of hormones
b)  Control of secretion of hormones
c)  Physiological action of hormones
d)  Mechanism of action of hormones
e)  Behavioral actions of hormones
f)  Endocrine disorders

Considerable emphasis is place on the mechanisms of hormone action at
the systems level.

Required Text: "Endocrinology", fifth edition by Mac E. Hadley.

Weekly Assignments: Approx. one chapter per week and handouts of
updated information concerning control of secretion and mechanisms of
action of hormones.

Exams/Papers: Four exams worth 25% each (lowest score dropped), a
written assignment worth 10% and one class discussion of a research
paper worth 15%.