Biology | Special Topics in Zoology
Z620 | 0673 | Cherbas, P

Course Format: Seminar: 10:45A-12:00P, MWF, JH 248.

Prerequisites: Open to first year biology graduate students and to
other students only by permission of the instructor. This section
meets Nov. 10  Dec. 12.

Course Description: Topic: Introduction to Genomics and
bioinformatics. The course provides a brief overview of the approaches
used and accomplishments of high-throughput genomics and proteomics,
bioinformatics, and computational sequence analysis. It also provides
basic training in the use of the most popular tools for searching the
biological databases, aligning sequences, and estimating phylogenetic

Required Text: None

Weekly Assignments: Three problem sets and three-six readings
(published papers).

Exams/Papers: Short take-home exam at mid-point. Four-eight page paper
as final project.