Chemistry | Principles of Chemistry and Biochemistry I
C117 | 0812 | M. Jarrold; M. Oakley; C. Reck

Prerequisite:  two years of high school algebra or Math M014; one
year of high school chemistry.  Students must have a score of 17 or
better on the Math Skills Assessment Test, a score of 580 or better
on the Math SAT and complete the Chemistry Placement examination in
order to enroll in Chemistry C117.

The basic principles of chemistry and biochemistry are introduced
with their applications to physiological (biochemical) functions.
An integrated lecture-laboratory course covering basic principles of
chemistry and biochemistry.  First semester of a two-semester
sequence.  Credit given for only one of the following:  C101-C121,
C105-C125, S105-S125, C117 or S117.