Criminal Justice-COAS | Theories of Crime and Deviance
P200 | 1585 | Maitland

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview
of theories of crime and delinquency.  In addition to providing an
overview of criminological theories, the course will also provide an
examination of empirical research that supports and challenges those
particular explanations of criminal behavior. The content of the
course will include Classical and Positivistic theories, including
those implicating biological, psychological, and sociological
factors in the development of crime and delinquency. We will
conclude with an examination of major contemporary theories in
criminology, and the future of criminological theory in contemporary

Exploration and examination of diverse criminological theories will
help students develop a clear understanding of various theoretical
concepts and develop skills to evaluate and critique criminological
theories.  In sum, this course will provide students with a better
understanding of criminal behavior, and with this understanding,
students will be able to translate theories into potential policy
implications.  Most of all, this course will demonstrate the
complexity of human behavior, and the difficulties this poses for
criminologists, those working in criminal justice, and society.

Class meeting:  TR, 9:00-9:55,  FA 015

Instructor:  Angela Maitland, criminal justice department