Criminal Justice-COAS | Deviant Acts & Societal Reactions
P300 | 1615 | Pridemore

This course examines deviant acts and societal reaction to them.
Throughout the semester, we will discuss how deviance is defined,
various ideas about what causes people to be deviant, how society
reacts to deviant acts and people, and how deviant people respond to
their label. The first part of the semester will be spent covering
several theoretical approaches to deviance, including essentialist
views, functionalism, strain, labeling, control, social
construction, and phenomenological and conflict perspectives. We
will then read about and discuss several specific topics related to
deviance, including the right to be deviant, acquiring and managing
deviant identities, deviant subcultures, drugs, and sexuality.
Readings will range from the classic academic literature on deviance
to philosophy (e.g., Machiavelli and Sissela Bok on lying) to
fiction (e.g., Anthony Burgessí A Clockwork Orange).

Class meeting:  TR, 11:15-12:30, BH 204

Instructor:  Professor William Pridemore, criminal justice department