Criminal Justice-COAS | Foundations of Criminal Investigation
P320 | 1622 | Walton

Course Description:

	This course introduces the student to the investigative
process and examines various methods employed by law enforcement
agencies to identify, develop, preserve, and collect physical
evidence and information pertinent to the presentation of a criminal

Required Text:

	Charles Swanson-Neil Chamelin-L Territo, Criminal
Investigations, 5th ED, McGraw/Hill.


	There will be two quizzes and a final examination which are
tentatively scheduled for . The quizzes are worth 30%, each and the
final is 40% of the course grade.  The final exam is May 5th and
scheduled by the University. The exact date, time and location are
in the semester course schedule.

	Grades will be computed on total points earned and curved
according to the following standards or a class curve whichever is
lower: (pluses and minuses will also be used)

			A = 92/100%
			B = 84/91
			C = 75/83
			D = 68/74
			F = 0/67

	No make up, early or late examinations are given except in
the most dire of circumstances.  If you are going to miss an exam, I
must have prior notice.  Insofar as possible examinations are
objective in nature i.e., true false and short answer.  Missed exams
are scored as zero.

Class meeting:  T, 4:00-6:30, OP 105

Instructor:  Professor J. Branch Walton, criminal justice department