Criminal Justice-COAS | Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice System 1
P370 | 1625 | Russell


Introduction to jurisprudential philosophy and case study of common
law and statutory crimes, including functions and development of
substantive criminal law, elements of specific offenses, and


	1.  That the student acquires a descriptive and analytical
understanding of the criminal law, with emphasis on the Model Penal

	2.  That the student becomes knowledgeable of the historical
origins of criminal law and how differing philosophies of punishment
lead to differences in substantive law.

	3.  That the student comes away from this course with the
practical and theoretical grounding necessary to understand and
address contemporary controversies involving the criminal law.

	4.  That the student begins to examine the moral and ethical
bases upon which governments claim the right to punish.


Frank Schmalleger, "Criminal Law Today: An Introduction With Capstone
Cases," 2d ed.  (Prentice-Hall 2001).

Paul H. Robinson, "Criminal Law Case Studies" (West Wadsworth 2000).

Class meeting:  M, 5:45 - 8:15, BH 204

Instructor:  Professor Steven Russell, criminal justice department