Criminal Justice-COAS | Women and the Criminal Justice System
P425 | 1633 | Gray

Many scholars have called for courses that present the issues
related to women and the criminal justice system.  Since much of the
information about participants in the criminal justice system is
presented in relation to men, a course that focuses on women and
their relationship to the criminal justice system fills tremendous
gap in criminal justice discourse.  Therefore, this class will be a
review of the relationship between women and crime. The effect being
female has on criminal behavior, victimization, treatment in the
criminal justice system, and career opportunities in the criminal
justice system will be examined.  Thus, this class will consist of
four sections: 1) women and offending; 2) women and criminal justice
processing 3) women and victimization; and 4) women and criminal
justice careers.  Through readings and discussions about the
historical development of varying feminist ideologies and the
current position of women in relation to criminal justice system,
this class will attempt to enhance one’s knowledge of how women fit
into the discussion of the criminal justice system and hopefully
enable one to walk away with a well-rounded perspective on this
Required Texts:
Joanne Belknap. The Invisible Woman: Gender, Crime, and Justice;
2nd Edition Published by Wadsworth Publishing. PB © 2001. ISBN/ISSN:
Gini Sikes. 8 Ball Chicks. Published by Anchor. PB © 1998.
ISBN: 0-385-47432-6

Class meeting:  Monday, 5:45-8:15 p.m., SY 200

Instructor:  Shani Gray, Criminal Justice Department