Criminal Justice-COAS | Seminal or White-Collar Crime
P475 | 1635 | Sundt

This course examines the extent and nature of white-collar,
corporate, and organizational crime.  We will focus on understanding
the physical and financial harms caused by wayward corporations and
employees from a theoretical and empirical perspective.  Attention
will also be given to how corporate and white collar offenders are
policed, regulated, prosecuted, and sanctioned.


In this course students will be encouraged to think about crime more
broadly and to challenge their assumptions about criminals.  By the
end of the semester students will:

	Understand the competing definitions of white-collar and
corporate crime.
	Be knowledgeable about the nature and extent of harms (both
physical and financial) that result from white collar offenses.
	Be knowledgeable about patterns of white collar crime.
	Understand the various theoretical explanations of white-
collar crime.
	Be familiar with the concept of corporate criminal liability.
	Understand how corporate and white-collar offenders are
controlled and regulated.

Class meeting:  T, 5:45-8:15, SY 212

Instructor:  Professor Jody Sundt, criminal justice department