Criminal Justice-COAS | Patterns and Causes of Violence
P493 | 1641 | Pridemore

This course is a survey of the theoretical and empirical literature
on homicide and other forms of violence. We begin with issues of
measurement and methodology (e.g., what is unique about the
scientific study of violence? where can we find information about
violence? how do we measure violence? how do we measure the
relationship between violence and its causes?). We will then examine
the major demographic, temporal, and spatial patterns of violence in
the United States and around the world (e.g., what demographic
groups experience higher/lower rates of violence? how have rates
changed over time? where are rates of violence higher/lower?). We
will then spend the remainder of the semester discussing several
explanations of violence (e.g., is weather related to violence?
alcohol? poverty/unemployment/inequality? the media? guns? child
abuse? (sub)culture? criminal sanctions?).

Class meeting:  T, 5:45-8:15, SY 001

Instructor:  Professor William Pridemore, criminal justice department