Criminal Justice-COAS | Research Grant Writing
P680 | 1651 | Kane

This is an interdisciplinary workshop on grant proposal writing for
advanced graduate students from the social sciences and humanities.
Wešll move from project conceptualization, to searching for
appropriate funding sources,  strategies for building
bibliographies, literature reviews, research design, methodology,
and on to the theorization of significance. We will work as a group,
reading and editing each otheršs writing, and abiding by the rules
of confidentiality and constructive criticism. Your grade will be
based largely on the final product: a draft proposal that should be
(almost) ready to send out for review. The objective is threefold:
1) to get the process of funding your original dissertation research
underway; 2) to  learn the knack of writing in this genre more
generally; and 3) to learn how to review the work of others
according to specific formal criteria.

Class meeting:  T, 5:45-8:15, SY 146

Instructor:  Professor Stephanie Kane, criminal justice department