Classical Studies | Classical Mythology
C205 | 1010 | Nagle

C205 Section 1010 Classical Mythology meets from 2:30P-3:45P TR in

(Tentative) Barry B. Powell, Classical Myth (Prentice-Hall 2001)


In this course students will become familiar with the ancient (mostly
Greek) stories about gods and heroes.  Students should expect to
finish the course with an appreciation for the use made of these by
ancient writers and visual artists, and with the preparation to
recognize and enjoy others versions of these myths or allusions to
them.  Some attention will be given to the use of classical myth in
popular culture, including cartoons and movies; clips from movies will
be shown from time to time as part of the lectures.


3 multiple-choice tests

Important Note:

To do well in this class, you must attend the lectures and take
careful notes.  You will find it difficult to understand the lectures
and take useful notes unless you have completed the reading assignment
beforehand.  Think twice before you enroll in this class unless you
plan to prepare for the lectures ahead of time, and attend them