Comparative Literature | Honors Seminar
C200 | 1271 | Maiorino, G

Topic:  Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo

Meets:  TR    4:00-5:15    BH 336

This course will center on Leonard’s written and visual works.  It
will deal with painting, architecture, and scientific inventions,
which shall constitute the centerpiece of discussions on classicism,
baroque, and renaissance.  Also, some of his drawings will be linked
to developments in such fields as anatomy, anthropology, and
geology.  His flying machines will lead us into myth, namely Icarus
and Daedalus.  His technological drawings will take up urban
planning, military machines, practical inventions, and the whole
issue of the “breaking of the cycle.”  Also, some time will be
devoted to the unrelenting interest that such a figure has exercised
on Freud, Pater, and Valery.  A study of Michelangelo’s sculpture
vis-ŕ-vis ancient and modern counterparts; a study of his poetry in
the context of his own work as well as of Renaissance literature.
Discussions of the political and philosophical symbolism of his
work.  Final comparison-contrast with Leonardo.