Comparative Literature | Post-Colonial Theory and Ethnographic Representations
C400 | 1283 | Snaches, M

Meets: TWR 4:00-5:15   BH 217   First 8 Weeks
Meets with C670

The seminar proposes a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary reading
of a set of texts, ranging from post-colonial literatures—with
special emphasis on Portuguese-speaking literatures (only texts
translated into English are to be considered)—to travel literature,
ethnographies, and film. The discussion and analysis will be framed
and put into context by  taking into account representative
approaches from post-colonial theory (Edward W. Said, Homi K.
Bhabha, Dipesh Chakrabarty), cultural studies (Stuart Hall, Paul
Gilroy, Manthia Diawara), and anthropology (Arjun Appadurai, James
Clifford, Nicholas Thomas).