Comparative Literature | African Diaspora
C670 | 1295 | Halloran, V

Meets:  MW 2:30-3:45    BH 141

Meets with C360

This semester, the course will focus on the literature (fiction,
drama, and poetry) and theory of the African diaspora.  We will
discuss how writers from Africa, England, the United States, the
Caribbean and Latin America see their ties to a transnational
community of peoples of African heritage.  We will consider how they
discuss race and ethnicity within their national contexts and also
consider how the concept of Afrocentricity has been used at various
times as a discourse to express unity among diasporic populations.
We will look at written and cinematic texts to analyze the impulse
to idealize Africa as an originary homeland.  We will also
investigate what assumptions and/or prejudices some diasporan
populations have about others.  The texts we will read for this
class thematize the idea of travel, displacement and/or exile. By
and large we will be looking at how texts from one tradition imagine
or react to another: we will read about how Afro-Caribbean writers
think of Africa, how Afro-British writers depict life in the United
States, how Dominicans view Haitians as black but not themselves,
and finally, how African writers portray the Caribbean or the United
States.  There will be a midterm and a final as well as one long
paper assigned in this course.