College Of Arts and Sciences | Images: Japan
E103 | 0041 | Jones

Lecture 0041 11:15a-12:05p MW

Corequisite discussions (Choose one):
0042 10:10a-11:00 a F 0043 11:15a-12:05p F

From ancient picture scrolls to current films, manga comics, and industrial and fashion designs, the Japanese are recognized for their skill in visual expression. More importantly, the entire history of Japanís culture is characterized by an extraordinarily strong tendency toward conveying ideas and stories in pictures and performances rather than in words. The course will introduce students to Japanese culture through the images it has created, train them in close picture reading, and help them think about interactions between Japanese and western, particularly American, culture in images they have created of each other. Basic materials include classical paintings, calligraphy, and theatrical spectacles as well as current films, manga, animated videos, TV programs and advertisements.

Required text books include Paul H. Varley's Japanese Culture: A Short History, Nelly Delay's The Art and Culture of Japan, Tezuka Osamu's "graphic novel," Adolf: Days of Infamy, Murakami Haruki's novel, A Wild Sheep Chase, and a packet of selections from essays and short stories as well as other helpful materials. There will be two essay quizzes in addition to a midterm and a final examination.