COAS | The Balkans: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
S103 | 0075 | Cooper

Seminar 0075 1:00p-2:15p TR

Europe's most mysterious quarter, the Balkan Peninsula is the place where East meets West, often head-on and with dramatic results. Explore the sources of the tension that motivates the peoples of the Balkans. Understand their divisions of language, religion, history, culture. Hear their own authentic voices (in English translation) through short stories, poems, film. Adopt a Balkan country (there are ten of them, but by the time this course is offered, there might be twelve!) and make its case. Get beyond the newspaper headlines and find the Balkan "soul"! The class meets twice weekly for 75 minutes. Lectures, discussions, readings, and films are in English. No prior knowledge of the area, its languages, or peoples is presumed.