COAS | The (Sur)Real World of Realty TV
S104 | 0108 | Terry

Seminar 0108 1:00p-2:15p MW

It won't make you a Millionaire or even a Survivor but taking this class should give you new insights into the Dog-Eat-Dog Real World of reality TV and reduce your Fear Factor as you make chit-chat with The Osbournes should they show up at your High School Reunion. Seriously, all you Bachelors and Bachelorettes, this is your chance to learn about reality TV as communications scholars know it. Reality TV may not be very real, but it's TV's hottest new genre and in this seminar we'll study this international phenomenon from historical, legal, ethical, psychological, sociological, cultural and economic perspectives. We'll learn why reality TV has caught on with audiences and with the electronic media industries and how it may be the prototype for interactive content and "multi-platform" marketing in the 21st century. Come prepared for reality TV Boot Camp and an Amazing Race!