COAS | Cold War Politics through Film
S104 | 0112 | Butcher

Seminar 0112 10:00a-11:15a TR and 7:00-10:00p 	W


This course is about Cold War politics. In order to better understand the politics of this era, students will be examining both American and Soviet films before, during, and after the Cold War. These films will be analyzed with a specific focus on the political content of the film, or more precisely, how the film manifests the political climate of the time. The course will begin by discussing the precursors to the Cold War. We will then discuss the onset of the Cold War and how the administrations of Truman and Stalin greatly contributed to this rivalry. From there we will discuss how the political dynamics of the Cold War changed over time and through different historical occurrences and leadership. The course will complete with a look at how the end of the Cold War affected the political atmosphere of the United States and Russia. In addition, this course will focus on specific themes of the Cold War and how these themes are presented in the film of the era. Certain genres of film (Science Fiction, Horror Films, etc.) will be analyzed more closely than others, as these films offer a clearer image of Cold War politics.