Cognitive Science | Foundations of Cognitive Science
Q240 | 1054 | Clark

Lecture:  2:30-3:45pm, TR, SY 003
Lab:  Section 1055,  10:10am-12:05pm, F, FR C238

The course starts by examining two traditional topics: free will and
personal identity. The next few weeks look at various materialist
conceptions of mind, especially the functionalist vision of mind as
a kind of computer program running in the brain. The especially
challenging topics of consciousness and subjective experience are
then discussed, followed by a look at recent work in robotics,
artificial life and situated reason. The course concludes by
addressing some special topics: the relations between patterns,
contents and mental causes, the continuity of life and mind, and the
interpenetration of mind, culture and technology. Throughout an
emphasis on writing, argument and analysis.