East Asian Languages and Cultures | Advanced Elementary Chinese I
C103 | 1705 | Chen

P: for beginning students with some prior knowledge of Chinese.
Must be available for oral interview on campus, 28-29 August, for
confirming placement by the Chinese language program.

C103 is designed for students already familiar with Mandarin through
home exposure, through overseas experience, or through prior study
in high school.  While both C101 and C103 cover the basics of
Mandarin such as pronunciation and grammar, in C103 more attention
is paid to consolidate studentsí strength in oral-aural skills and
develop their ability to read and write with commonly used

Students will meet five hours a week: two for interactive lectures
and three for drills.  The lecturers emphasize the basics of
characters and key grammatical patterns, while the drills provide
opportunities for further practice with reading and writing.  A
learner-centered, task-based, and proficiency-oriented approach will
be employed.  The grade will be based on daily performance, homework
assignments, quizzes, and oral/written tests.