East Asian Languages and Cultures | Chinese Curriculum and Material Design
C535 | 9961 | Liu

[This course was formerly listed as EALC E505, section 9620 on this
topic.  Now that the correct course number [C535] has been approved,
interested students should register for this section of C535.]

This course is devised for students interested in exploring the
theories, issues, and principles of language curriculum design and
acquiring practical experience of applying various syllabus
frameworks to design sample Chinese materials.  It aims at
developing studentsí ability to analyze and synthesize factors
contributing to an effective language learning program.  It also
explores the theoretical and practical issues related to the
selection of content and the design of corresponding
materials/activities for different types of CFL/CSL courses.

Class assignments may include critical presentations of selected
readings, analysis of instructional contexts and learning needs,
reviews of syllabi and materials, as well as a term project:
development of a sample chapter of instructional materials which
embodies a particular pedagogical solution to curriculum and
learning issues identified.

Permission of instructor is required for enrollment:  please e-mail
Professor Jennifer Liu (jeliu@indiana.edu)