East Asian Languages and Cultures | Seminar in East Asian Studies
E600 | 1690 | Robinson

This seminar will explore the issues of nationalism and cultural
identity in East Asia during modern times.  We will be interested in
Western representations of nation and cultural identity in East Asia
and how they have affected the way the East Asians see and represent
themselves.  We will begin by discussing nationalism theory in its
political, sociological, and cultural guises.  This examination
leads us directly to a critical appraisal of how Western biases
within this theory shaped (until recently) and skewed our
understanding of East Asia in general.  Central to this critique
will be to establish an understanding of the derivative and modular
nature of nationalism as it was received in Asia within a colonial
context.  Complex issues---identity formation, the role of
traditional culture and social structure in political movements, the
creation and signification of national symbolism, as well as our
understanding of ethnic and class diversity in East Asia---all have
been affected by the metaphor of nation and the narrative strategies
it produces.

This course meets with CULS C701; credit is given for only one of
EALC E600 and CULS C701 on this topic.