Education | Lab and Techniques in Counseling
G523 | 6201 | Dr. Paul Toth

Course Goal:
The students will be able to conduct a basic interpersonal interview.

Course Objectives:
The students will be able to apply counseling skills and sub-skills
at a Basic Mastery level (see Ivey & Ivey, 2003).


Ivey, A.E., & Ivey, M.B. (2003). Intentional interviewing and
counseling: Facilitating
client development in a multicultural society. Pacific Grove, CA:

Morran, D., Kurpius, D., Aldarondo, F., & Kelby, T. (1995). Cognitive
skills training for counselors: A semi-self instructional manual. An
unpublished manual.

Additional Reading: Book review (3-5 pages) of a book of your choice.
I will offer some suggestions.

Additional Material:
You will need to purchase 2 VHS videotapes. You will need to bring a
video tape with you to each class period. You will also need to have
an audio tape and access to a tape recorder in order to complete your
interpersonal interview project.

Grades will be based on the following:
1)	Attendance
2)	Participation in class exercises and video taping
3)	Quality of the interpersonal interview project
4)	Quality of the video taping projects
5)	Completion of any homework assigned from the text
6)	Quality of the written book review

Class Participation:
This is an interactive and experiential course: your attendance is
expected and required. You are required to have read the assigned
material beforehand and be ready to discuss it. Bring the Ivey book
to class.

Interpersonal Interview Project:
You will audio tape an interview of yourself as interviewer and
another person as interviewee for 30 minutes. You will select a
portion of this tape to turn in with supporting written material that
demonstrates your ability to integrate the skills learned in class.
(See Interpersonal Interview Project handout for more information).
This project is due the last class period.

Video Taping Projects:
On 2 occasions you will make a video tape of yourself working as
interviewer and another class member role-playing a client. You will
select a portion of this tape to turn in with supporting written
evidence that demonstrates your ability to integrate the skills
learned in class.

Course Schedule:

September 4	Introductions and Expectations
Opening Exercises

September 11	Introduction and Attending Behaviors
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Introduction and Chs. 1-2

September 18	Asking Questions
Observing Client Behavior
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Chs. 3-4
Morran, et al., Ch. 1 pp. 1-19

September 25	Observing Client Behaviors conít
Active Listening
Three Cognitive Skills
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 5
Morran, et al. Ch. 2, pp. 20-26

October 2	Reflecting Feelings
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 6

October 9	Conducting an Interview using the Basic Listening
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 7
First Video Tapes Due

October 16	No Class: Sign up for individual consultations with
the instructor

October 23	Book Reports Due
Discuss Book with Class
Catch-up and Review

October 30	Confronting Clients
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 8

November 6
Hypothesis Testing
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 9
Morran, et al., Ch. 2, pp. 22-33

November 13	Eliciting and Reflecting Meaning
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 10

November 20	Influencing Skills & Intervention Planning
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 11
Morran et al., Ch. 2, pp. 33-40
Second Video Tapes Due

November 27	No Class: Thanksgiving Break

December 4	Skill Integration & Integration of Cognitive Skills
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Chs. 12-13
Morran, et al., Ch. 3, pp. 40-45

December 11	Personal Style and Values
Reading: Ivey & Ivey, Ch. 14
Wrap up
Audio Tape Projects Due