Education | College Teaching and Instruction
P650 | 6270 | Dr. David Estell

Course Description/Purpose:
This course is meant for Counseling and Educational Psychology
Assistant Instructors (AI's) and those who want to teach in higher
education settings.  New AI's are to sign up for 2 credits and
returning AI's for 1credit.  Others can sign up for the credits that
they want.  The goal is to expose students to developmental issues of
college teaching, various instructional strategies to deal with these
issues, and to opportunities to reflect on how your teaching
activities are meeting your college students' needs.

Required Book:
McKeachie, W. J, & Hofer, B. K. (2001). McKeachie's Teaching Tips:
Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers
(11th Edition).  Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company.

Tentative Schedule and Readings: (Note: we met twice in June and July

Sept. 5	
McKeachie: Chapters 1-3 (course prep, planning activities, and first
class meeting)

Sept. 12	
McKeachie: Chapters 4-5, (facilitating discussion and lecturing)

Sept. 19	
McKeachie: Chapters 6-8 (testing, cheating, and grading)

Sept. 26	
McKeachie: Chapters 9, 18 (motivation, large classes)

Oct.  3	
McKeachie: Chapters 10-12 (student diversity, problem students, and

Oct.  10	
McKeachie: Chapters 13-16 (papers, active reading, active learning,
problem based learning)

Oct.  17	
McKeachie: Chapters 19, 20 (lab and field work)

Oct.  24	
No class—instructor out of town

Oct.  31	
McKeachie: Chapters 17, 21, 22 (technology, collaborations and
projects, distance education)

Nov.  7	
McKeachie: Chapters  23-25 (teaching learning, thinking, and values)

Nov.  14	
McKeachie: Chapters  26-27 (ethics in teaching, career growth)
Note: have a GOOD idea of what your philosophy of teaching is for
this class.

Nov.  21	
Wrap-up and review.

There are five requirements for your participation in this course:

Peer Observation and Other Feedback: Attend two peer AI classes and
provide feedback (1 if for 1 credit) by Dec. 5th.

Feel Your Pain: Volunteer to "share your pain" at least once.  In
this activity, you present your situation for 5-10 minutes share
troubling class issues/problems and get feedback from peers and
instructor on handling the situation(s). (Current AIs only)

Get and Give: You must summarize what they got out of 1-2 chapters of
the McKeachie book and also share ideas from your teaching that
preferably relate to this section of the book (if you are not an AI,
then you can share something else as arranged with the instructor).

Share and Article: On whatever day you are “in charge” of the get-and-
give class discussion, you should bring in an article about that
topic to share with the class.  It can be either a theoretical or
empirical scholarly piece, or an article from a popular publication
which is appropriate for the topic in question.

Philosophy of Teaching Paper: This paper requires you to reflect on
why you want to teach and to develop your own personal philosophy of
teaching and learning. This involves a synthesis of what you have
learned about how students develop and learn, the strategies involved
in teaching effectively, and a healthy dose of your own goals as an
instructor.  If you are taking this for two credits, you have to
write up your philosophy and turn it in by December 5.  If you are
only enrolled for one credit, you only have to share with us your
philosophy on November 14th.